Project #1: Selling Info Products

This project focuses on building and selling information products (Guides, Courses, Communities…etc).

Selling Info Products - Sharyph 2023

About the Project:

The main focus of this project is sharing my progress in selling info products. This includes courses, guides, and 1:1 sessions. 

May 2022 is when I started selling digital products.

2022 I made $883 

2023 I made 6,083

That is a huge increase. 

With this, I also grew my Twitter following and my newsletter subscribers.


2022 Numbers:

2022 Info Product selling progress

2023 Numbers:

2023 Selling Info Products Progress

Read more about Progess:

I am publishing and sharing more information about the progress, plus helpful guides for those who are starting on:

FAQ - Selling Info Products

This is a very common question I get so here is my quick steps to get started. 

  • Find out the skill you have (if not, ask what you want to learn more without getting bored) 
  • Learn to package your skills to a simple info product. 
  • Host the product at a place where you can sell. Gumroad is where I recommend to get started, it is very user friendly.
  • Promote the product. (there are various ways, learn about it)

I will write a deep dive about how I achieve this, join my newsletter to get it. 

To create the product, you may have to spend more time. But it is setup, you just have to create content to promote and educate people. Right now, I don’t spend more than 2 hours per day. And most of my content is automated. Right now, I usually spend more time creating helpful content and networking.  

Do you want my help to set everything up for you? Let's talk!