Contact Me

If you have gone through my Projects Page, you have seen my progress and I am sure you know how I can help you. 

It is okay to contact me via email at But before you send an email, let me share how we can work together.

Working with Me

My main focus right now is to build sustainable income streams, which include selling digital products, selling services, and giving consultancy. 

I love to learn new things and apply them to my work. I am a tech background guy, but most of my work is focused on marketing and content creation. 

In less than 2 years, I have grown my social media accounts and newsletter to 90K (all together).

I have never used ads or paid growth mediums for this. All by writing and sharing helpful content.

Here are the ways I would like to work together:

  • Social media content creation: Based on your goal and the outcomes you need, I can help you create content to grow your social media accounts. (Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • Grow a Newsletter: I can help you with setting automation and coming up with a content plan to achieve your goal. Let’s schedule a discovery call.  
  • Build a personal Website: As you can see how I have set up my website (this site), if you are looking to create something like this, I can help you with that. 

More from Me

You can find more helpful content in my previous newsletter. 

Read more about Progess:

I am publishing and sharing more information about the progress, plus helpful guides for those who are starting on: