I’m often asked which tools I recommend, so here’s a comprehensive list of everything I use.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, however I only recommend products that I personally use and enjoy.

Website Builder

To build and design my websites and landing pages, I use Elementor. 

It is easy for me to customize, add popups, add forms, and edit headers and footers. 


I currently use Hostiner for hosting my websites. 

It is also great those of you who are starting, which cost only $2/month

Keyword ResearchingTools

I used to use Ahrefs for keyword research, but it was quite pricey! 

But I use to do keyword research whenever I update older posts.

Content Writing Tools

Project Management Tools

To manage projects and workflows, I use Notion. It is my go-to

Indexing Tool

I use TagParrot for indexing my pages on Google. Using this tool you can also submit in bulk. 

Email Marketing

I use beehiiv for email marketing. It is one of the domination tool in the market for email marketing and growing a newsletter. You can manage up to 2,500 subscribers without paying a cent. 

Twitter Growth

I use TweetHunter to schedule and publish my tweets. This tool is not only for scheduling tweets; you can also use Tweethunter AI to make your tweets better. 

Graphics and Visuals

I use PhotoBakery tool to create professional and casual-style photos. It is easy; you just have to upload 5–10 pictures of yourself, and it will do the rest.

I really like their professional and casual style.