Project #2: Newsletter Growth

This project focuses on growing my newsletter, “The Art of AI Content Creation”

Ai Road newsletter growth

About the Project:

The main focus of this project is growing the newsletter while sharing my learnings and expertise and selling my services and info products.

July 2022 is when I put more focus on growing this newsletter. 

At the end of 2023, I had 9,300 subscribers.


AiRoad newsletter progress.

Key Demographics:

AiRoad Newsletter key demographics 2023

Goals for 2024:

Number of Subscribers: 25,000+

Open rate: 50%+

CTR: 7%–4%

Revenue: $5k/month. (selling my digital products, sponsorships, affiliates, this does not include the services)

I am publishing and sharing more information about the progress, plus helpful guides for those who are starting on:

FAQ - Growing a Newsletter

Yes, anyone can start a newsletter. This is a misconception a lot of people have: “I am not an expert; how can I start a newsletter”. 
Newsletters are not from experts; you can start a curation newsletter; you just have to curate useful information for specific people. 

I will write a deep dive about how you can start a newsletter and grow it, join my newsletter to get it. 

Well, it depends on the type of newsletter. There are types of newsletters on which you don’t need to spend more than 2 hours per day.

Also, if you are writing deep dives (in-depth content like mine), you may have to spend more time. 
It all depends on the type and the outcome you need. 

Do you want my help to start and grow your newsletter? Let's talk!